Having spent a number of nights on the site, the potential for this to become a community hub of learning, shelter and growing is vast. Already we have had contributions of food, tents, promises of pallets and tools. We have had interest from a number of people with different backgrounds and experiences. We are currently clearing small area’s for tents, building the toilet, next will be a shelter to keep the wood and bio mass dry, then we will move on to a communal structure that is dedicated to warmth and another that is dedicated to quiet learning and reading. There is a vast repository of knowledge throughout man kind of basic structures that stand up to the weather. Below are a few websites that explore the possibility of what you may wish to build at the community support village.







It is a basic need to have shelter, at the Leicester Community Support Village by providing that means for ourselves we may realise we are far more capable, imaginative and creative than a debt based, monetary fundamentalist philosophy allows. If there is no harm than why is permission needed? If people find themselves out priced of living does that mean they have no true value?

All the best Dan