Lush GreeneryThe Community Support Village needs your support to get off the ground. Over the coming weeks we are going to need people power, the odd material here and there and your ideas.

If you are; interested in sustainable living, community activism, struggling and get made homeless or are homeless this is a space where you are invited to build your own shelter and learn to live off the land, as well as other know how to ensure you can sleep with a full belly of grub.

The area we are in is lush and full of potential. It is with in a half an hour/forty minute walk to Leicester City Centre.

We aim to create a family friendly place so that it is open to those in need and request all that take part respect this.

We will be experimenting with growing techniques, sustainable shelter building, off the grid energy generation and strengthening community relationships so we can move forward creatively and positively in these difficult times.

If you are interested in joining us on this project or need somewhere urgently contact us on or Lee on 07553986254. (The phone number is temporary until we get a site phone)

Those who decide to stay over, please bring adequate bedding and a tent. (Unless you wish to build a shelter of course).

Look forward to hearing from you, all the best